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Archive for November, 2011

National Family Caregivers Month Time To Applaud Caregivers and Help Them Connect With Support Services

November is a time to applaud all those who contribute to caregiving and the National Family Caregivers Month. Caregivers play a crucial role in helping family members and friends get the care they need to overcome the daily challenges of a chronic or disabling condition. Many people are caregivers who graciously sacrifice their time and [...]

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New York Medicaid Changes Affect Estate Plans

Changes to the Medicaid program in New York can have a big effect on estate assets and planning. New regulations that were put into place in early September allow for the state to recover costs spent on an individual’s Medicaid services. Estate recovery of these costs can come from any assets that pass via a [...]

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Women Can Review Assets and Health Care Needs with the Guidance of an Estate Planning Attorney

Women are so busy raising kids, taking care of their elderly parents, and maintaining a household and career that they often do not focus on what will happen to them in retirement and beyond. A new white paper by the Volunteers of America called “Boomer Bust 2011: Still Unprepared and Unaware” highlights how unprepared seniors [...]

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