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Posts Tagged ‘caregiving’

New Care Circle Initiative in Westchester County

The Care Circles of Westchester is a new program to provide family caregivers with help from a group of volunteers who can assist with caregiving tasks. A care circle is a group of volunteers who are willing to help a person who needs care – such as an elderly person – with the tasks of [...]

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Men Increasingly Taking on the Role of Caregiver for Elderly Parents

The role of caregiver for an aging parent or other family member is traditionally filled by women. You may tend to picture women as caregivers to all segments almost exclusively. But although the stereotype of women caring for elderly relatives is widespread, it is increasingly inaccurate. A recent Pew Research Center report says that in [...]

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Alzheimer’s Affects Caregivers as well as Patients

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a life-changing event for the patient, and also for the person who will become the patient’s primary caregiver.  Most people who have the disease, and who provide care, are women.  The Working Mother Research Institute, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, has conducted a survey of about 2,500 women, including  1,200 [...]

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Warning Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

June 15th 2012 is the International Network for Protection of Elder Abuse’s (INPEA) 7th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. With different events to raise awareness in countries around the work, Littman Krooks LLP, has put together useful information to share with your loved ones to help spread awareness and end elder abuse. Last year, [...]

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Project Lifesaver International (PLI) Provides Rapid Response for Wandering Adults and Children with Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities, Special Needs

Buy Prometrium Without Prescription, Founded by Public Safety Officers, Project Lifesaver International (PLI), is an organization whose sole mission is to provide a timely response to save the lives of adults and children with Autism, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, Dementia, and other conditions, who wander. Where can i find Prometrium online, Started in 1999, PLI has offered public outreach programs to educate others about wandering, no prescription Prometrium online. Prometrium from canadian pharmacy, They have also provided equipment, training, cheap Prometrium, Online buying Prometrium hcl, certification and support to law enforcement and public safety officials through the country. These trainings include in-depth information on the use of specialized electronic search and rescue equipment technology and most importantly, Prometrium over the counter, Prometrium mg, how to communicate with people with cognitive or developmental conditions. PLI has over 1200 agencies in 45 participating states, Prometrium overnight. They have performed 2,421 searches in the last 11 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported.

How it works:

  • If you are a family member or a caregiver of a loved one that wandersCall (757) 546-5502 or contact your local agency to enroll your loved one in Project Lifesaver to receive a small personal transmitter (which can be worn around an ankle or wrist) which emits an individualized tracking signal, Buy Prometrium Without Prescription. Prometrium brand name, If a registered client goes missing, the caregiver notifies their local Project Lifesaver agency, Prometrium samples, Prometrium over the counter, and a trained emergency team responds to the wanderer’s area. The recovery time for a person wearing a transmitter is approximately 30 minutes, buy Prometrium online no prescription, Prometrium street price, (95% less time than a standard operational procedure).

Typical costs to enroll will vary by agency and location.   Ask your local agency if they participate in grant funding to find out about wristbands at discounted rates or at no charge.

  • If you are an agency that would like to receive Project Lifesaver training: Submit a letter of intent to PLI. A sample letter of intent can be found here, rx free Prometrium. Cheap Prometrium no rx, Training can include two days of on-site instruction (for up to 15 people in your agency), provided by a State Coordinator or by PLI’s own staff, Prometrium cost. Real brand Prometrium online, Each new agency will also receive training on Alzheimer’s, Autism, buy no prescription Prometrium online, Canada, mexico, india, and other disorders, to help when responding to a missing client, buy generic Prometrium. Prometrium without a prescription, Costs may vary on agency and location.

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