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A Finder by any other name would smell…like a Finder.  With all due respect to William Shakespeare, the SEC, in a recent no action letter, once again confirmed its longstanding position that regardless of how you dress it up, a “finder” receiving fee-based compensation for introducing investors would be required to register as a broker-dealer. Brumberg, Mackey & Wall, P.L.C, a law firm in Virginia, requested assurance that the Staff …

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When deciding whether to use employees or independent contractors, companies often consider cost as a deciding factor. Choosing to use independent contractors over employees appears to be a good choice, as it can decrease certain expenses, such as workers’ compensation insurance, payroll taxes, overtime pay, and minimum wage obligations. While this may be a viable option for many employers, companies should be careful, as both federal and state laws regulate …

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Hostile Takeovers

Companies that combine, sell, and buy businesses use two different strategies to achieve their goals: mergers and acquisitions. While many mergers and acquisitions are harmonious, sometimes companies experience hostile takeovers, defined as those that occur without the consent of the target company. That is, an acquirer takes control of the company by purchasing its shares without the knowledge of its management. This type of action is often regarded as an …

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