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Reverse Merger Candidates, Take Note

New FINRA Rule 6490 ties into Securities Exchange Act (SEA) Rule 10b-17 (Untimely Announcements of Record Dates) and became effective on September 27, 2010. Over-The-Counter Market (OTC) issuers must now give FINRA at least ten (10) calendar days advance notice of transactions including, but not limited to, any issuance or change to a symbol or name, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions or other company control transactions, bankruptcy or liquidations.  They must also pay a …

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All About Partnership Agreements

New businesses face lots of risks, no doubt. One of the best things you can do if you are beginning a business with a partner is to put together a partnership agreement.  This legal document clearly spells out the rights and responsibilities of each partner, which can minimize the chance of a legal dispute down the road.  There are lots of things that can sink a new business, but a …

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