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FINRA Asks For Details When Broker-Dealers Fire Employees

Experts believe that disputes over U-5 termination forms will increase due to a new set of FINRA directives. FINRA’s Regulatory Notice 10-39 warns member firms to be more detailed when completing U-5 forms after firing employees. The notice focuses on a section of the form that asks why an employee is being fired and says that the common response of “broker violated firm policy” is too vague. FINRA now wants …

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Congress Revamps Whistleblower Incentive Program

The U.S. Congress has greatly expanded incentives for whistle-blowers in the financial industry by creating a $451 million fund for reward payments. Prior to the new plan, regulators decided how much to pay insiders for evidence of wrongdoing, which led to only $160,000 in payouts over the last two decades. Despite this, over 90 percent of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission enforcements have started with a tip from a whistle-blower. …

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