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By Sandi Rosenbaum, Special Education Advocate, Littman Krooks LLP The New York State Department of Education has issued new proposed regulations regarding the use of 1:1 aides in preschool and school aged settings. The regulations, which also address other areas of preschool special education, are expected to be considered by the Board of Regents at its January 2016 meeting.   Written public comments using the Public Comment Submission Sheet are being …

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How To Make A Holiday Road Trip Fun For A Child With Special Needs

By Angela Tollersons Any parent who has ever taken a road trip with young children can tell you that several hours stuck in a car is no picnic for anyone and for families with a child with special needs, additional complexities are thrown into the mix and can make long road trips more taxing for all involved. If you’re heading out on a road trip this holiday season with a …

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Littman Krooks Special Education Advocacy

The United States Department of Education has taken a positive step toward recognition of dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.  Many parents of students with dyslexia or with specific learning disabilities in math and writing know the difficulty of obtaining individualized services for their children– particularly if the children have average or above-average cognitive abilities.  Some districts have even refused to acknowledge dyslexia, dysgraphia or dyscalculia as requiring very specific interventions. The …

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Neighbors Sue Family with Autism for Creating Public Nuisance

By Sandi Rosenbaum, Educational Advocate Families with a child with autism often face severe difficulties with misunderstandings in the community.   A Sunnyvale, CA family is facing a lawsuit by their next-door neighbor families, which charges that the family’s 11 year old son with autism is a “public nuisance” and seeks unspecified monetary damages and a neighborhood safety plan. The case has sparked strong feelings on both sides, with disability activists …

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Spread The Word To End the Word

By Giulia Frasca, Esq. Spread the Word to End the Word is a movement started in February 2009 in conjunction with the World Winter Games to stop the use of the word “retarded” and its variants. Now, as the 2015 Special Olympics World Games are under way, Spread the Word to End the Word has over 500,000 online pledges and has caught the attention of celebrities and athletes who have …

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OPWDD with Regina Filannino

Our guest this week is Regina Filannino, Executive Director of Advocates for Exceptional Children.  Join host Bernard A. Krooks, Esq., and Regina to discuss the Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD).

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Important Differences between 504 Plans in Public Schools and Colleges

It is important for students with disabilities who plan to attend college, and their parents, to understand how their legal rights related to their disability will change in a post-secondary education environment. In public elementary and secondary schools, students with disabilities may receive services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The IDEA does not apply in the workplace or in post-secondary education, …

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