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Holiday Reflections

By Marion M. Walsh, Esq. In this holiday season, the attorneys and staff at Littman Krooks send thanks and warm wishes to our clients for trusting us with representing your family. You inspire us each day with your tenacity and care for vulnerable loved ones. We pride ourselves in working with you to make a difference in your family member’s life. In a changing legal landscape, advocacy for the elderly, …

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New York State Announces 2017 Medicaid Regional Rates

By Alexis Gruttadauria, Esq., When applying for nursing home Medicaid benefits, there is always a review of the applicant’s financial picture of the five years prior to the filing of the application.  This is the famous five-year look-back period. Medicaid reviews those five years of financial information in search of any gifts made by the applicant (and/or his/her spouse) in an effort to get Medicaid benefits. If a gift was …

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National Estate Planning Awareness Week is October 17-23, 2016

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

It is estimated that over 120,000,000 Americans do not have an up-to-date estate plan to protect themselves, and their families, making estate planning one of the most overlooked areas of personal financial management? Financial and estate planning is not just for the wealthy and is an important process for everyone. With advance planning, issues such as guardianship of children, managing bill paying and assets in the event of sickness or disability, care of a special needs child or parent, long-term care needs, and distribution of retirement assets can all be handled with sensitivity, care, and at a reasonable cost.

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Caregiving From Another Country

International Caregiving

Parents who are growing older often need help from their adult children. Even when you live close to your parents, it can be a challenge to provide them with care while balancing work and other family responsibilities. For expatriates, the task may seem monumental. How can you be a caregiver from another country? Plan Ahead If you believe your parents may need care and you will be out of the …

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Estate Executor Liability

Being appointed the executor of a deceased person’s estate involves significant responsibilities. It’s crucial for executors to understand what they are required to do, because failing to fulfill their duties can result in liability to the estate, the beneficiaries, or even to the government for taxes. In some cases, liability may be imposed even for actions a person takes even prior to their appointment as executor. Duties of an executor …

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Address Your Vacation Home in Estate Planning

Vacation Homes

A family vacation home can contain a lot of important memories, and the generation who grew up spending quality time there may look forward to bringing their own children and grandchildren to the home for family reunions far into the future. However, there are certain considerations involved with passing a vacation home on to one’s heirs. Before creating special arrangements for a vacation home in your estate plan, the first …

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Even The Wealthy Must Protect Against Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse

The legal dispute over the mental competency of media magnate Sumner Redstone has put the issue of financial elder abuse in the spotlight. The Redstone controversy, newsworthy because the control of corporations worth billions of dollars is at stake, is also an important reminder that seniors — even those who are not billionaires — are at risk for financial elder abuse from scammers and others who may seek to exploit …

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When You Inherit Your Parents Home

Protecting the Family Home

Now that the Stark children are back in Winterfell, they will need to address issues abut the inheritance of their family home. The family home is one of the most valuable assets that people own and plan to pass down to their children. Inheriting your parents’ home brings up emotional and financial issues. Selling the home converts it into liquid assets that can be divided evenly. You’ll want to look …

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Prince Dies Without A Will

Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister, filed documents in Minnesota probate court stating that Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, died without children, spouse or surviving parents, and with no known will. The petition filed by Ms. Nelson lists five half-siblings as heirs. Half-siblings are treated the same as full siblings under Minnesota law. Each state has its own laws regarding what is known as “intestate succession.” When a person dies without a …

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