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Teacher Evaluations

Teacher Evaluations to Be Tied to Test Scores

June 9, 2010 – Newly signed legislation has significantly altered the process for evaluating public school classroom teachers and building principals by including consideration of student test scores.

The procedure for evaluating incompetence cases has also been changed, partially with the intention of expediting the process. A single arbitrator (rather than three) will now be required for cases “based solely on ineffective teaching or performance.” In addition, “a pattern of ineffective teaching or performance shall constitute very significant evidence of incompetence which may for the basis for just cause removal” of a tenured educator. The legislation emphasizes that the requirement that incompetence hearings be completed within 60 days must be “strictly followed.”

School boards must allege in their incompetence charges “that the employing board has developed and substantially implemented a teacher or principal improvement plan…for the employee following the first evaluation in which the employee was rated ineffective, and the immediately preceding evaluation if the employee was rated developing.”