Mental Health & the Law in New York

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At Littman Krooks LLP, we provide compassionate and experienced assistance to clients dealing with mental health conditions in New York State. 


Experienced Legal Assistance

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling cases initiated pursuant to the New York State Mental Hygiene Law (MHL).

We work with families to provide resources, including referrals to psychiatrists and other appropriate specialists. 

Careful Team Approach

Our team takes a careful approach to seeking appropriate outcomes and endeavors to find the least restrictive alternative.

Diligent Advocacy

Our experienced attorneys work diligently toward achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.


We offer assistance with petitions related to Mental Hygiene Law Article 9, which includes :

Involuntary commitment proceedings

Retention hearings

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

MHL Article 81

Mental Hygiene Law Article 9

We help our clients understand the entire proceeding, including advocacy.

If necessary, we also help with the:

Petition process

Court hearing

Final determination

Comprehensive Representation 

Our firm represents:

Skilled nursing facilities

Community guardians

Families and individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues

We also help families prepare for these types of situations with advance directives and powers of attorney. 

Special Education Practice

We focus on ensuring that children and teens with mental health conditions receive appropriate evaluations, placement and services.


Our highly experienced attorneys can also provide advocacy for students experiencing mental health crises in college who need intervention or support. 

Special Education Practice

Our well-rounded approach ensures that our clients are supported by attorneys across various departments within our office. 

Well-Rounded Approach

If you or a loved one needs assistance with a mental health condition in New York, please contact us at Littman Krooks LLP. We are here to help.


We take pride in helping you create a plan that will protect your family's future.