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Special needs planning involves much more than money

Establishing a supplemental needs trust to benefit your loved one with special needs is a very important step in ensuring they will be cared for when you are no longer able to provide such support. However, there are many things to consider other than finances when planning for your loved one’s future. For example, where will they live? Who will be their guardian or trustee? What will their daily work …

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The cost of caring for a loved one with special needs after you are gone will likely be more than you estimate. Unexpected and unforeseen costs are a reality, so it is important that you leave your loved one with more than you think they may need. Once you have created a supplemental needs trust, your extended family and close friends can make gifts to it, or they can consider …

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When a Loved One Needs a Guardian

Caring for a loved one is a situation that many people find themselves in, and the caregiver’s status as a guardian should be made official by the law. Often times, individuals begin taking care of a relative or loved one without thinking about the need for official legal documentation. If you are managing the health and financial decisions of loved one, becoming their legal guardian will simplify many common tasks.

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