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Probate & Estate Administration

New York Estate Administration

The administration of an estate is a complex task that can be overwhelming to anyone, even in the best of times. When dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, it can be difficult to accomplish without guidance from trained professionals.

Our attorneys can help families through the probate and administration of estates for individuals who have died with a will in place, as well as for individuals who died without a will in place. We can shoulder the burden during this difficult time by working with you to ensure that all steps – from submitting the will to probate through distribution and final accounting – are completed properly.

Littman Krooks attorneys will explain the estate administration process and your duties as executor, prepare and file the appropriate court documents and tax returns, and work to minimize taxes while ensuring that tax payments are made on a timely basis. We will also ensure the proper distribution of estate assets, analyze the interrelation of estate, individual, and fiduciary income tax issues, and implement estate planning for beneficiaries, such as a surviving spouse. In addition, we can work with you to resolve family disputes, if necessary.

Our attorneys are also available to offer guidance on probate court representation including guardianships, estate administration, and contested wills and litigation.