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Read what clients have to say about Littman Krooks:

Littman Krooks has been instrumental in helping me with my 89 year old mother’s legal affairs.  They have helped us manage her monetary affairs, taken care of her community Medicaid applications, and been available for great advice.   Alex Doupis(paralegal) worked directly with my mother’s money manager and made everything run smoothly.  Elizabeth Valentin(lawyer) gave great advice when some of my mother’s funds were running low. Honestly, they have been nothing but helpful and easy to worth with- highly recommend!


I am so pleased with Littman Krooks and Elizabeth and
Alexandra. I recently recommended them to a friend in my building!


We came to Littman Krooks about a guardianship for our daughter, and we had an excellent experience.  They were responsive, clear, and everything went better than we had expected.  We’ve been more than happy with their work and wholeheartedly recommend them.
Julie and Ed

I really enjoyed this (special needs professional) workshop. It feels good when you are around people who really care about the kids. Keep up the good work for those of us who are out there trying to make a difference in our schools and community. Thanks again for all the wonderful work that you, the Littman Krooks firm is doing for children with special needs.

Thank you very much for speaking to a small group of parents about planning for the future at Mental Health Association in Orange County. I learned a lot that evening and know that the parents did also. It was a pleasure to sit a bit more informally and discuss the issues that are important to families who have children with developmental disabilities.  It takes many times of hearing about the planning tools for it to make sense for some people. Thank you for your continued support of individuals with developmental disabilities.
A.K., Orange County

I would like to say that I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team like yourself and your support staff who work so hard on behalf of my daughter. This process has been very hard for me and you guys fight for what matters and that’s my daughter. Thanks for the work you and your staff do, it is priceless.

I just want to say thank you very much for all your help in this process. We also got the issue with daycare settled. Our medical is paying for extra care and to transport. I know without your help we would never have gotten all that therapy and services. Thanks again
Mr. J.S.

Littman Krooks LLP, We can’t thank you enough for your support of our program and our students. The valuable experiences the students gain from working in the community help them to plan for future careers, teach them social skills, and expose them to the world of work.
Charles D.

Thank you so much for providing the seminar on Guardianship and Supplemental Needs Trusts. The information is so important for families to know and understand. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to speak with the families.
Larry B.

The Special Needs Planning Seminar was most informative and you provided us with much needed information in a clear and thorough manner.
Jocelyn K.

I would like to thank you for your presentation at our meeting Monday night. It was interesting and informative and very well received ; and you really kept everyone’s attention.
Peggy S.

I want you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism and genuine concern you have already shown toward my family.
Ana T.

I feel that I am simply doing my job when I recommend Mr. Krooks to those needing legal counsel and planning for Medicaid. He is the best!
Ellen, Bronx, NY

Thank you so much for advocating for us. Our family appreciates every thing that you did. My father would have been very happy too. This is wonderful news!

I must tell you the wonderful consultation I had arranged through the Bar Association with Ms. Elizabeth Valentin. She was so very clear, precise and professional that I was able to explore options and gain some hope for a difficult case. I have told everyone how superb your firm is. One feels good right from the first phone call. I will be in touch with Ms. Valentin about next steps.
Carol K.

Once again your firm has helped my mom secure an environment which is safe and tends to her needs. Family issues were resolved between my brother and me for the future safety and care of my mom. This was not an easy task  as my brother and I have had a history of battles which have increased since my dad died in 1990. My battles with parkinsons did not help the situation.
Joseph A., Westchester

I was just thinking about you and how much you have been a blessing in our lives. We’ve only just met and started working together,but I thank God for sending you our way. You are such an important role player in a prestigious company, but yet you are so humble,sweet and kind. It is very rare to find those qualities in someone who is also successful and ambitious. You are indeed a rare find.
Stephanie, Brooklyn New York

Thanks so much for all your hard work. Mom and Dad are doing well in their new home. It’s a world of difference. Enjoy the flowers, the least I could do for all the TLC you’ve given my parents.
Jim C. New York City, NY

Bernie, As you know I was referred by Liz K. I happened to speak to her on Mothers Day at her family’s home in Brooklyn. I told her how, once again, that your firm is the best. I thought I was losing my mother’s assets as well as my inheritance if there was any. Final figures are not in,but the most important factor is that Ely secured my mom’s future needs which is what this is all about. Inheritance is secondary, although important… mom is approaching 85. Once again your firm through Ely did what I thought was impossible. Having Parkinson’s for almost 25 years makes advocacy for my mom, difficult at times..Other times impossible..this is why I needed your company. Therefore a lot of folks saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of mom as well as myself. Thank You soooooooooo Much God Bless
Ted A., Brooklyn, New York

Hi Bernie, I just wanted to drop you a short note of heartfelt thanks from our family. I will always be thankful to you. I look forward to continuing our relationship with the Littman Krooks “family”, and will always recommend you to my friends, family and colleagues. Thank you Bernie, Best to you and yours,
Robert D. Westchester

Dear Bernie, I want to thank you for the help you provided to my sister and I in the process of having our mother admitted to a nursing home. When we told the nursing home that Littman Krooks was representing us and would provide the home with a letter of representation, the entire tenor of the meeting changed. Our application was expedited and our mother was placed in the type of room and on the type of floor we requested. Although moving our mother to the home was the saddest day of my life, I know that my sister and I can deal with my mother’s adjustment to her new life, while your firm handles the bureaucratic headache of the move. Thank you again
Laurie R., Manhattan

Thank you for helping us to prepare our Wills, and especially for showing us how we can use these Wills to name a Guardian for our three young children. It is such a relief to know that, if needed, our children will be cared for by the relative of our choosing.
Mr. & Mrs. G., White Plains, NY

Dear Bernie: Thank you for your contribution to my life, and the lives of the many elderly who have and will continue to be blessed by your expert legal mind. With deep regard, Dr. M.
Dr. M.,Geriatric Care Manager

Thank you for helping my family advocate for the special education services my daughter needed and the positive result you achieved. We are glad that she will finally receive the services she deserves.
Olivia A., Long Island City New York

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for answering my questions in a simple and informative way. You were extremely well versed in Special Needs Trust issues. You did not rush and answered all our questions. I called my referral source and thanked him for sending me to such a wonderful firm.
Sue A., White Plains New York

Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for the consultation this afternoon. It was good to meet you and hear some words of hope. I look forward to a just resolution of the problems with Medicaid and feel good about your being on the case.
Linda R., Westchester

When David died, I was having such a difficult time getting through the day. Your caring and compassionate staff handled all of the details of settling David’s estate. This made a difficult time for me a little easier. My family and I thank you.
Mrs. B., Pelham, NY

Bernie – I didn’t really have a choice. We needed the best counsel we could get . . . so that was Littman Krooks. Amy will do a great job. We needed expertise, the ability to see the big picture, and ability to collaborate . . . Regards,

Dennis, Idaho