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Nursing Home Representation

New York Healthcare Facility Representation

Peace of mind comes from knowing that a team of experienced attorneys stands ready to vigorously represent you.

Littman Krooks believes that sound advice and proactive planning can prevent many legal disputes. However, when disputes do occur, an experienced attorney will assist in establishing and protecting your legal rights. We help health care facilities reduce receivables and protect and improve their bottom line. Our firm has a diligent staff of attorneys and paralegals with a strong proven record of success, resolving majority of our cases in favor of the facility. Littman Krooks is known for superior advocacy and unparalleled negotiating skills. We believe the best results are attained by employing innovative strategies, creative techniques and old-fashioned hard work.

Littman Krooks has succeeded in helping nursing homes and hospitals obtain payment from Medicaid, Medicare and insurance carriers. When we work on cases involving Medicaid eligibility, our experience in dealing with patients, their families and Medicaid agencies allows us to successfully navigate even the most difficult of cases — including securing documentation needed to establish a patient’s eligibility for Medicaid institutional benefits and addressing complex issues of law pertaining to Medicaid entitlements.

In addition, our attorneys are experienced in every aspect of New York litigation in all court jurisdictions. We will assist your facility in recouping payment of private pay balances or Net Available Monthly Income (NAMI) from the patient or their representative, negotiate resolutions and, when necessary, aggressively litigate cases.