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Posted May 9, 2017

YouTube | April 26, 2017 | Littman Krooks LLP | (This video has no sound)
Depression, anxiety and mental health issues pose challenges for many students. Facing the transition from adolescence to young adulthood can trigger or unmask depression or anxiety in some young adults. If your college-bound student is susceptible to depression or anxiety, you should understand the transition process, student and parent rights, and how to seek help in a potential crisis. Topics Include: Differences between high school and the world of postsecondary education; Skills related to being a successful college student: executive functioning, independence, self-advocacy, and social communication; Limitations and differences in parental support and advocacy; How students must navigate and access the college environment and understand resources; Understanding college withdrawal, accommodation and re-admission policies; Warning signs of depression in a teen or college student; What to do in a possible crisis; How to support a young adult resistant to help; Student and parent legal rights; Available resources