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Posted November 1, 2018

YouTube | November 1, 2018 | Featuring Sandi Rosenbaum, Educational Advocate, Littman Krooks LLP

For parents of a child with a disability, preparing for your child’s transition to adulthood and independent living involves careful planning. All special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act end after your child turns 21 or graduates from high school with a regular diploma. In New York, specifically, services end when your child is awarded a Regents or local diploma or by aging out-on June 30th of the school year that your child turns 21. You and your child need to be prepared for this precipitous end of services. A transition plan reflects the vision of both you and your child regarding what sort of life he or she will lead as an adult. This webinar will cover: * Diploma pathways update * Accommodations and supports for Post-Secondary Education * ACCES-VR * OPWDD programming and supports – self-directed and traditional models