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An important consideration for parents of a maturing special needs child is housing. Families will need to do significant research into their options to make sure their child is properly cared for when he or she can no longer live at home. If the child will require a group home or some other form or supportive housing, asking the right questions can help the transition go as smoothly as possible. Some of these questions include:

• What is the reputation of the provider with residents and with neighbors?
• Will the provider allow you to meet any of the other residents to see if the atmosphere is right for your child?
• Does the provider have “house rules” and other measures that may be in place to ensure residents will be good neighbors?
• What community safety measures are in place?
• What are the amenities? Are there common areas that will be available?
• Is there a plan to address grievances among residents?

Planning for housing for a child with special needs is a critical step in ensuring his or her future safety and happiness. Start planning early to make sure that all your questions are answered.

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