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Letters of Intent Aid in the Transition to a New Living Situation

A letter of intent is not a legal document, but it is still an important part of planning for the future of a child with special needs. A letter of intent contains important information about the child such as his or her history, likes, dislikes, current health and emotional status and hopes for the future. The letter may also include details about the parents’ wishes for the future care of their child.

No one can know the needs, habits and desires of a child with special needs better than a parent who has been caring for that child for his or her entire life. When writing a letter of intent, parents can ensure that future caregivers understand the personality of their son or daughter. The information contained in the letter goes beyond the financial and legal information contained in a Will or trust. This information will be valuable in ensuring the child with special needs will continue to get the care that he or she is accustom to.

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