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New Workforce Development Initiative Includes Job Training for People with Disabilities

Published September 11, 2014

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is a new piece of legislation that was recently passed in Congress. The law is intended to improve federal job-training programs and reauthorizes existing programs that supply federal funding for state and city job retraining programs. It also aims to eliminate overlapping programs to increase efficiency.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act includes a “job-driven checklist” that is intended to ensure that participants in the programs are being trained for jobs in industries that actually need more workers. Much of the focus is on the long-term unemployed and on people who have experience but need re-training.

The new law will also focus on job training for people with disabilities. According to a Senate summary of the legislation, the unemployment rate is highest among people with disabilities. Over two-thirds of people with disabilities do not participate in the workforce at all. The law aims to address that problem by training individuals with disabilities in the skills that are necessary to be successful in a competitive, integrated workplace. The act also aims to improve outreach to young people with disabilities, to provide them with the training needed for successful employment.

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