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The Work of NAMI Westchester is Important

Published May 3, 2022

By Marion M. Walsh, Esq.

Littman Krooks LLP is proud to sponsor NAMIWalks Westchester. Team LK will walk with NAMIWalks Your Way on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

I am honored to lead our walk team – Team LK: Lights in the Tunnel.  Our work at Littman Krooks is aligned to NAMI’s work in helping individuals with mental health concerns-from youth to elderly. We work to help families ensure that their loved ones have the right legal protections, advocacy, services and public benefits.

The work of NAMI Westchester is important.  Advocating for those with mental health conditions is a social justice movement to help those disenfranchised, isolated and misunderstood.  LK has been involved with NAMIWalks for over seven years, rain or shine.  At each walk we attend, we are always inspired by the kind and strong individuals we meet who are often battling devastating mental health conditions or moving mountains to support family.

The work and support is essential. The United States has a public health crisis, as suicide is now the second leading cause of death for young people ages 10 to 34.  With the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the numbers are only increasing. The effects of mental health conditions are devastating for families and for society. Depression, for example, is the leading disability worldwide.  NAMI offers the kind of understanding that only those who have lived the experience of mental illness can provide.

Here are just seven reasons to support NAMI Westchester and join us.

  1. NAMI works to end the pervasive and undeserved stigma that our society still perpetuates for individuals with mental health conditions. Mental health affects everyone and is part of the human condition. NAMI understands that, with treatment and services, individuals with mental health concerns can lead  fulfilled and productive lives.  Those with mental health conditions can be the brightest, most sensitive individuals.  Many simply feel so much and are deeply sensitive to the hurt and trauma of the world.   At Littman Krooks, we work to end stigma for our clients, which leads to isolation, decline and inappropriate services.
  1. NAMI saves lives.  NAMI works to educate youth on mental health and suicide prevention,  though the Ending the Silence Program in schools and community centers.   We have lost too many sensitive individuals to suicide.  The loss is heartbreaking.  At Littman Krooks, we work tirelessly to help young people at risk of suicide obtain appropriate educational and community services.
  1. NAMI supports veterans.  NAMI, thought its Homefront Program training, supports veterans, active service members who may be susceptible to PTSD or other mental health conditions.  Homefront  helps their families through education and training.
  1. NAMI recognizes that culturally competent care is lacking in America.   As one example, the lack of information surrounding mental health issues can prevent people in Black communities from getting the help and support they need and NAMI has created a Sharing Hope program.
  1. NAMI, like no other organization, provides an essential public health service by providing resources and help to families in supporting loved ones. In a mental health system based on community services, there is often no community.   We applaud NAMI’s commitment to build a community of hope for all those in need through support groups and activities, helps piece together and create a community for vulnerable individuals. At Littman Krooks, we work to help families navigate services and to obtain appropriate public benefits.
  1. NAMI advocates for changes in the law and increased access to services, treatment, support and research.  At Littman Krooks, we advocate and work for changes in the law.
  1. NAMI is made up of hopeful, bright and sensitive volunteers.  Join us!

Here is a link to our LK Team page:

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