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Knowledge and insight into issues facing businesses, seniors and their families, and individuals with special needs.


At Littman Krooks LLP, we take pride in applying our comprehensive legal knowledge and experience to the production of informative newsletters and articles. Our corporate and securities law, elder law, estate planning, special needs planning and special education advocacy attorneys are pleased to share their knowledge and insight.

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Health Care: Everyone’s Issue

A Message from Bernard A. Krooks - As individuals prepare for retirement, they must plan for the possibility that a long life will be accompanied by serious health challenges, including the need for either in-home care or long-term residence in a nursing home.

Don’t Forget to Pass On Your Passwords

By Bernard A. Krooks - We live in a technological world and some say this is supposed to make our lives easier and more efficient. However, there is a catch! What happens to all your passwords when you pass away? How will your relatives and your estate gain access to

Tips for Reviewing Your Child’s IEP

Parental involvement, always important to a child’s educational experience, is even more critical when that child has special needs. And the critical road map is the IEP, or Individualized Education Plan.