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While it’s important for the parents of a child with special needs to provide for the child’s financial well-being in their estate plan, it’s equally important to address the issue of transitioning to life with a new caregiver. That’s the purpose of a letter of intent, which is intended to assist future caregivers by describing aspects of your child’s life that no one else may be aware of. This information …

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Some children with special needs may wish to continue their education beyond high school. It is important for these students and their parents to understand what rights they have at a post-secondary institution, and to know how those rights differ from the rights they had in high school. Post-secondary institutions may not discriminate against students with disabilities, but they are not required to identify the special needs of their students as public schools are.

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When you can no longer care for a loved one with special needs, a Letter of Guidance can help make their transition to a new living situation go as smoothly as possible. The Letter of Guidance, written on the premise that no one knows a child better than a parent, contains important information about your loved one’s history, likes, dislikes, current health and emotional status, hopes and dreams, as well as what your wishes are for their future.

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