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Help your executor find the things you have hidden

We all have certain things, like banking records, that we hide away to protect them from predators who might wish to access them and cause us harm. Chances are that you have a variety of confidential records hidden away in safes or safety deposit boxes or filed electronically and password protected. While you may have all this information carefully stored away in the confines of your memory banks, it is important to remember that there will come a time when someone else, like the executor of your estate, will need access to that information.

You can make life easier for your family and executor by providing essential directions as to where all of these important records are kept. Common categories of such documents and records include products and services for which you have a password, items such as safes and alarms that you use to protect your home or vehicle, and combinations or keys to things like safe deposit boxes, post office boxes or other things you might rent.

Finding a safe way to organize your confidential information will save time and money and ensure your assets will be properly cared for.

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