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A Brief Look at Liquidation Preference

In the world of venture capital, one of the common methods for minimizing investor risk is liquidation preference. But what is it, and how does it work? Liquidation preference, a common tool included in a venture financing deal sheet, assures that, should the company be liquidated or sold, preferred shareholders will always get something back for their preferred shares before common shareholders get anything.  The scope of liquidation preference varies …

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Mitchell Littman to Speak at Silicon Valley Event

Littman Krooks LLP founding partner Mitchell Littman will be among the experts speaking at Private Company Stock Conference 2010, to be held Sept. 27 at the Four Seasons – Silicon Valley in East Palo Alto, California. Mr. Littman will participate in a panel discussion concerning “Legal Considerations for Issuers: Protecting Private Company Exemptions,” scheduled to take place from 11:20-12:10 p.m. When a company’s stock is sold in the secondary market, …

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How to Design and Implement an Equity Incentive Plan

It is obviously important for companies to attract and retain top-level workers.  It is equally important to motivate and encourage them to strive for success. Offering equity incentive plans to high-level employees frequently accomplishes both tasks.  An equity incentive plan is a contract between the employee and the employer to provide an equity interest in the company. If the employee’s success is tied to the company’s success, it can create …

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