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By Tom Breedlove, Director, HomePay As the April 15th tax filing deadline gets closer, those who have put off their taxes until the last minute – and there are a lot of us – are apt to forgetting minor details that can impact our returns. In the household employment world, two commonly overlooked tax-time items for New York families are the federal and state dependent care tax breaks. To …

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Guest Blog: Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Mom and Dad are knocking out their bucket list – wine country trip, tandem skydiving, harbor dinner cruise – you can’t keep up with them. Grandma loves to cook, but standing in the kitchen causes knee pain. Grandpa must watch his TV programs, but he cranks the volume too high. Uncle Galen enjoys golf and gardening, but his hands lose their grip. Aunt Marianne relishes sitting down to chat over gourmet coffee and chocolates. For active and less active adults like these, how can you find them just-right gifts for the holidays?

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Our guest blogger this week is Jilana Van Meter, Communications & Administration Manager,  At Home on the Sound. The term “aging in place” is being heard more frequently these days. Simply put, “aging in place” means remaining in your own home and maintaining your independence as you grow older. Some Americans hope to accomplish this entirely on their own; others assume they will have the aid of nearby family members. …

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Guest Blog: Too Well for Rehab, Not Well Enough for Home

Despite our hopes, being discharged from rehab to home is sometimes complicated and inappropriate. A family member recently had an extended hospital stay followed by a few weeks in a rehabilitation facility for therapy to regain physical strength.  He only longed to go home and sleep in his own bed in his own home. We all know how wonderful that would eventually be, but being discharged from rehab to home is sometimes complicated and inappropriate. A hospital stay can be disorienting for the best of us, but more so for older adults, making the transition to home more difficult.

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