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Sometimes, due to an inability to determine whether a child with special needs will be self-supporting and earn income as an adult, parents cannot assess the child’s future eligibly for government benefits. This is often the case with children who have Asperger’s syndrome or mild autism. In such a case, locking assets up in a Special Needs Trust may not be the best way of utilizing assets for the child’s care. There are strict guidelines for the disbursement of a Special Needs Trust’s assets, which are to be used to pay for services not covered by Medicaid, for recreational and cultural experiences and, for the most part, services or items that would enrich the beneficiary’s life.

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This April, members of the Special Needs Alliance (SNA) traveled to Washington D.C. for their annual spring meeting and a “Day on the Hill.” During their visit to Capitol Hill, SNA members briefed their local members in the Congress and Senate on issues regarding public policy, advocacy and special needs trusts (SNTs). Littman Krooks attorney and SNA member Amy C. O’Hara, Esq., spoke with aides of Rep. Eliot Engel (NY) and Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (NY) to discuss and act on what appears to be a simple drafting error in the writing of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993…

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Webinar: Helping Families Plan for Their Special Needs Child

Please join us for an informative webinar designed for parents and grandparents of children with special needs. Sheryl and Amy, two prominent Special Needs Planning attorneys, will discuss a variety of topics including: why planning for the future is necessary, when to plan, planning tools available, the role of public benefits..

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Life Insurance Should Be Part of an Estate Plan

Life insurance plays an important part in your estate plan, especially if you have young children or a spouse or family member with a disability who depends on you for support.  Life insurance can be especially helpful in providing immediate cash at death, which is often needed for funeral expenses and to pay the debts of the decedent.

In determining how much life insurance you need, you should consider both the long-term needs and short-term needs of the people who depend on your income.

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School Bus Strike a Challenge for Special Needs Students

The two-week-old strike by New York City school bus drivers will continue, as the city rejected the union’s proposal for a “cooling-off period” during which the drivers would return to work and the city would stop seeking bids for a new bus contract.

The strike has disproportionately affected students with special needs.  Only 152,000 of New York’s more than 1.1 million school children ride the school system’s yellow buses, but 54,000 of them are students with special needs, many of whom use wheelchairs.

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Littman Krooks Strengthens Their Position in the Special Education Community

Littman Krooks LLP continues to enhance their strong reputation in the Special Education community through new initiatives in 2013. The experienced, fast-growing team of Special Needs Planning and Special Education attorneys and advocates is now uniquely positioned to better accommodate the needs of their clients. The firm has hired Giulia Frasca, an experienced Special Education attorney. Ms. Frasca works with children with special needs and their parents to obtain a free and appropriate public education from their school district. She also handles other special needs matters such as guardianships, wills and trusts…

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